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Supervise your Art Investments
& brings out your Art assets

our values

Fin’Art Consulting is a firm specialized in Art Investment and Art Asset Management.

Our mission has three overarching objectives :

- supervising your art-related transactions
- offer tailor-made solutions
- optimize your art asset management portfolio and increase their value

As a one-stop shop for art investment, we guide our clients through all steps for a successful buying or selling experience.

3 fundamental values lead our action:

  • Indépendance
  • Transparence
  • Confidentialite

Our multidisciplinary and experienced team provides our clients with a wide range of advices dealing with the economics of the art market, as well as legal and tax expertise.


How to invest in Art?



Independent experts value your works of art. We offer assistance when selling your pieces of art, and choose the most suitable solution for your needs: auction sale, private sale (to collectors, museums, foundations…).

Objective avoid any conflict of interest.

We provide our clients artists’ rating on the art market, and their potential evolution. We ensure the traceability and the provenance of the artwork.

Whether working with professionals (asset managers, banks, financial institutions) or private individuals, confidentiality is one of our biggest priority.

Objective: preserve the anonymity of our clients and the rarity of the work of art.

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Delphine Brochand

about us

Delphine Brochand, founder

Art aficionado since childhood, Delphine Brochand took several courses in Art History across Europe, notably in Paris and London.
She has been a leading actor in the art market over the last 15 years. Her past clients include auctioneers, art galleries, and several public institutions.

She was the head of the Art Department of a major financial institution, which became her first client when she set up Fin’Art Consulting back in 2009.

She is often quoted in the press for her know-how and her insights in art investment and art asset management. She also lectures in France’s leading business schools, including the ESG, the ESSEC, and the Haute Ecole de Commerce in Paris.

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what others are saying

Imbued with the arts for many years, Delphine Brochand has merged her passion for art with strategic counsel and art asset management expertise. This work is as successful as the one between the Ying and the Yang. Her entire personality is complementary and balanced: impatience and tolerance, high expectations and open-mindedness, strength and sensibility. Fortunately her tics remind us that she’s only human. An unconditional optimist.
Guillemet Guillemet

Grace Leo

GLA Hotels Founder

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The starting price (to acquire a work of art) is between 2000 and 5000 Euros. “At these price levels, you can enjoy yourself”, says Delphine Brochand. But in these very specific kinds of markets where demand and trends have their impact on price it is always better to have the guidance of a professional advisor.
Guillemet Guillemet


Fin’Art Consulting has a very unique and “avant-gardist” approach. This consultancy firm aims at maximizing the management of its clients’ work of art, in order to increase their value. Three fundamental values lead their approach: independence, transparency and confidentiality.
Guillemet Guillemet

Art Croissance

Art Croissance
Delphine Brochand is a specialized expert who knows how to help you invest in art. She is the founder of Fin’Art Consulting and in charge of the Art Department in the “Française AM”. Her prescribers are mainly asset managers.
Guillemet Guillemet

Le Point

Le Point
Fin’Art Consulting offers a wide range of services, which covers all aspects of art management: from managing facilities to insurance, appraisal, art advising (advice to build a collection, or settle a selling strategy) and legal/tax expertise.
Guillemet Guillemet

Gestion de Fortune

Gestion de Fortune

our partners


Fin’Art Consulting collaborates with the INSEEC as a professor in the Art Market and International Negotiation Master’s Degree.


Fin’Art Consulting collaborates with HEC as an essay tutor, for subjects concerning Art, tax law and Art Investment.


Fin’Art Consulting collaborates with the ESSEC, animating conferences regarding Art and Finance.


Fin’Art Consulting collaborates with Christie’s for auction sales.


Fin’Art Consulting collaborates with Amundi for Art Events.


Fin’Art Consulting collaborates with Sotheby’s for auction sales.


Fin’Art Consulting collaborates with Drouot for auction sales and art events.

Centre Georges Pompidou

Fin’Art Consulting has engaged in a special project with the Georges Pompidou Center as a featured sponsor of the Jean-Michel Othoniel exhibit.

Française AM

Fin’Art Consulting collaborates with la Française AM (Asset Management) as Art Asset Management advisor and exhibitions organizer.


Fin’Art Consulting collaborates with Munigarde – Crédit Municipal de Paris – to offer its clients art storage solutions.

Brand Advocate

Fin’Art Consulting collaborates with Brand Advocate Agency for communication campaigns.

Axa Art

Fin’Art Consulting collaborates with Axa Art Insurance to offer its clients the best insurance solution.


Fin’Art Consulting collaborates with Hiscox Art Insurance to offer its clients the best insurance solutions.


Fin’Art Consulting is a certified training partner of the House of independent financial advisors.

Royal Monceau

Fin’Art Consulting collaborates with the Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris for artistic projects.


Fin’Art Consulting collaborates with Nortia as a speaker at conferences concerning Art Investment.

Rosenblum Collection & Friends

Fin’Art Consulting collaborates with Rosenblum Collection & Friends concerning sponsorship and Art Events.

Institut Français : Ministère des Affaires Etrangères

Fin’Art Consulting collaborates with the French Institute – Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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art investment

Investing in art requires a wide range of artistic and economic skills.

This skill set allows to identify and recognize high quality works of art within an artist’s production, and to analyze latest trends of a specific art market segment.
Investing without this expertise can sometimes lead to poor investment.

Fin’Art Consulting guides your acquisitions and sales in all safety, by helping you avoid common pitfalls and opening doors for you. As a one-stop shop, we provide guidance throughout your entire acquisition or selling experience.

Art Asset Management has three service pillars:

  • Encadrer les achats/ventes
  • Optimiser les aspects juridiques et fiscaux
  • Assurer la gestion matérielle du patrimoine artistique
Oeuvre 1

Bernard Buffet (1928-1999) - La galette des Rois
Our expertise: Thanks to Fin’Art Consulting, this contemporary work of art was auctioned for one of our institutional clients.



Fin’Art Consulting develops several exploration tools to find works of art that match your taste and budget.
We also provide you with a specific methodology to optimize the sale of your works of art.

Click here to learn more.

In order to optimize all legal and tax aspects, our team has in-depth knowledge of the most recent tax legislation.

Click here to learn more.

Fin’Art Consulting offers a wide range of services to guide you in every step of the material management of your art assets.

Click here to learn more.

Optimiser les aspects juridiques et fiscaux

Kees Van Dongen (1877-1968) - Normandie-Deauville, le Bar du Soleil.
Our expertise: This modern painting was advised by Fin’Art Consulting to an individual client

Advising purchase and sale

INVESTING: Fin’Art Consulting offers you tailored and personalized advice to invest safely and an all-around guidance in the following areas:

  • define your tastes and select artworks
  • analyze the art market and its trends
  • verify the authenticity and estimate the quality and value of works of art
  • build a legal and tax strategy, and ensure proper implementation
  • supervise transaction conditions

SELLING: Fin’Art Consulting offers you customized advice to sell your work of art at the best market price and provides counseling in the following areas:

  • perform analyses of the work of art and verify its authenticity
  • search ratings and price trends of the artwork
  • select the right put on sale channel in accordance with your needs: private or public sale
  • negotiate the sales price
  • build a legal and taxation strategy, and its implementation
  • supervise transaction conditions

Fin’Art Consulting also provides a free estimate of your work of art:
Investir dans l'ArtObtenir une estimation


Legal and tax optimization are fully integrated in our expertise.

Our mission is to advise you and to implement all the administrative procedures:

  • We look for the legal and tax solutions that are appropriate for your artistic assets
  • We provide information about the latest legal and taxation options
  • We help you for any specific legal inquiry

We collaborate with a legal and tax expert team specialized in the art market.
Investir dans l'ArtObtenir une estimation

Philippe Pasqua (1965- ) - Clémentine
Our expertise: legal and tax advice for institutions concerning the purchase of living artists’ works of art.

Assurer la gestion matérielle du patrimoine artistique

Camille Claudel (1864-1943) - La petite châtelaine
Our expertise: Fin’Art Consulting collaborated for on the appraisal of this modern sculpture in the context of an insurance inventory.

Manage material aspects of your art assets

  • Appraisal – expertise: authentication, one-time or regular appraisal, inventory
  • Insurance: identification of your needs, use of competitive procedures between insurance companies, selection of contract adapted to your needs
  • Compiling insurance documents: set up of the file used to maximize the indemnification in case of art loss or damage
  • Storage: selection of the best solution for the preservation of your work of art, in your home or in specialized storage areas
  • Transport: selection of the best means of transportation following your personnal needs, tailored quotes
  • Copy – framing – restoration: copy of your piece of art, professional and appropriate framing or restoration, in order to highlight and preserve your work of art
  • Annual artistic audit - Appraisal of your collection: implementation of a tailored strategy in order to add long-term value to your art assets. Mention of your work of art in annotated catalogues, and specialized publications, prices updates, legal and tax expertise
Investir dans l'ArtObtenir une estimation
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our services

The inaccessible within reach…

Fin’Art Consulting creates unique and exceptional Art Events for institutional clients. We design and execute these turnkey Art Events and produce an enticing experience for your partners and clients.

Art Events

An innovative communication channel

Fin’Art Consulting has a keen interest in the tastes of its clients to set up an artistic project perfectly matching their needs.


Provide transparency to the Art market

Fin’Art Consulting is a state-recognized organization able to provide professional trainings to both individual and institutional clients.


art events

Fin’Art Consulting designs exceptional Art Events for institutional clients. These uncommon and exclusive events produced in outstanding conditions are mostly conceived for private audiences.

These operations can take different forms:

  • Meeting with contemporary artists and studio visits
  • Discovery of the backstage side of artistic and craftwork jobs
  • Meeting with major art collectors and visit of private collections
  • Customized visits of some major Art fairs (FIAC, Art Basel, Armory Show, Tefaf, Biennale des antiquaires…)

Our goal: to provide your guests a unique artistic experience, through the discovery of exceptional artistic places and meetings with artists

Your benefit: create customer loyalty and attract some new prospects thanks to these memorable Art Events

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Art Events : Musée

Fin'Art Consulting vous fait découvrir en exclusivité
les coulisses de lieux d'exception

Art Events : Opéra

Fin'Art Consulting vous fait découvrir en exclusivité
les coulisses de lieux d'exception

Art Events : Philippe Pasqua

Fin'Art Consulting a fait découvrir en exclusivité
l'atelier de l'artiste Philippe Pasqua

Mécénat Jean-Michel Othoniel

Fin’Art Consulting a été mécène de la rétrospective
consacrée à Jean-Michel Othoniel au Centre Pompidou en 2011

Mécénat Folies Bergère

Fin'Art Consulting a été partenaire de la vente
Folies Bergère - Collection Hélène Martini (Palais de la Bourse)
en juin 2012

Mécénat Folies Bergère

Fin'Art Consulting a été partenaire de la vente
Folies Bergère - Collection Hélène Martini (Palais de la Bourse)
en juin 2012



  • conception of a sustainable sponsorship strategy, in line with your budget
  • selection of the appropriate legal and tax framework
  • choice of the best project for your communication and firm identity
  • support for your existing sponsorship projects
  • selection of a strategy adapted to your HR policy, and your internal and external identity
  • regular evaluation of the sponsorship strategy
  • support for administrative and tax procedures

Our goal: improve your image thanks to high-range artistic projects

Your benefit: create customer loyalty and attract new prospects with a tailored sponsorship strategy

Services for individuals:

  • conception of a sustainable sponsorship strategy, in line with your budget
  • selection of the appropriate legal and tax framework
  • support for administrative procedures


Fin’Art Consulting is an organization able to provide professional trainings to individual and institutional clients. In accordance with the Labor Code (article R 6351-6), Fin’Art Consulting is a state-recognized training organization, number 11 75 47 886 75.

Examples of topics:

  • Why and how do we invest in Art?
  • Art trends/ which artist to invest in?
  • Art as diversification asset/ tax optimization strategy
  • Focus on a developing market: photography
  • Art Asset Manager: origins and job’s mission?
  • The backstage of an Art expertise
  • Origins and analyses of several artistic movements
  • Tailored trainings (contact us)

Our goal: benefit from specific knowledge usually only accessible to professionals, get acquainted with the art market and tax optimization aspects, discover the backstage side of the art world

Your benefit: improve your knowledge of the art market, the tax optimization aspects and safely diversify your estate with artworks

Nous contacter

Gràce à ses formations spécialisées, Fin'Art Consulting vous ouvre les portes du marché de l'art


Gràce à ses formations spécialisées, Fin'Art Consulting vous ouvre les portes du marché de l'art


Gràce à ses formations spécialisées, Fin'Art Consulting vous ouvre les portes du marché de l'art

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our news

Our favorite items, snapshots, and news: our blog regularly zooms on art trends.
You can find all our articles there, our latest news, and dip into advices, ideas and tips.
Feel free to leave your comments and questions.



By Fin’Art Consulting

Retrouvez l’intervention de Delphine Couturier Brochand, fondatrice de Fin’Art Consulting, dans le dossier EXPERTISES / MARCHE DE L’ART du magazine Gestion de Fortune n°283 – juillet/août 2017 …..  L’art wealth manager : le CGP artistique …. Avec 45 Md$ de chiffre d’affaires mondial en 2016, 200 M$ pour des adjudications records, 400 M$ pour des transactions privées comme celle récemment d’une … Lire la suite

La suite sur le blog

5, rue Mesnil - 75116 Paris - FRANCE
Delphine Brochand
+ 33 (0) 6 23 85 23 43

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